Our boarding Value Character and Integrity


We envision empowering a dynamic community of high achiever and nation builders.


To provide excellence in education, preparing leaders for a diverse, highly technological, information-based global society, to engage in research and creative activities that generate new knowledge and application for generate new knowledge and applications for elective practice and that  foster

Interdisciplinary approaches to address information need of society through public service.  

Core values

The core values are a set of principles that are aligned with mission and guide the practice and development of its achievers.

  1. Collaboration: collaboration is a conscious effort to word building and sustaining generative relationships and partnership that enable educational experiences to be shared, interactive and supportive of all voices and prospective. Collaboration at all levels is essential to empowering and promoting a healthy, civil and just community.
  2. Reflection : the practice of reflection is no merely technical nor is it reactive. It is a continuous process  of turning inward to deeply and critically examine the assumptions, belies, values and mores that direct the pedagogical [instructional] and curricular decisions one makes. Authentic reflection is intrinsically related to social justice and empowerment in that it produces personal awareness and a willingness to participate in ones own and others process of transformation.
  3. Social justice : social justice is an ethnic a guiding principle that calls people as act and to confront issues of ability, political and economic inequalities , power discourse privilege and society – environmental injustices that plague society.
  4. Integrity : Behaving ethically in all interactions at all levels.
  5. Diversity : fostering a learning communicator in which the values, goals and learning styles of all are recognized and supported.
  6. Life – long learning: serving enthusiastic, independent tinkers and learners stirring for personal growth.   
  7. Technological advancement : keeping pace with global technology trend and enhancing traditional instructions with technology for success in the work place.
  8. Ethics : forester a learning environment that promotes responsible principle behavior which respect the dignity of all members of the community.


  1. a literate and educated citizenry is vital to a democratic society
  2. all people are entitled to a high quality education, grounded in  sensitivity to a high quality education, grounded in sensitivity to individual dignity,professional integrity and a positive and nurturing environments.
  3. A dynamic education system foresters an equitable productive economy in global environment.
  4. Teaching and learning should be informed by scholarly research and effective practice.   
  5. Interdisciplinary programs should be used to enhance human learning, growth and development across the life span.

Goals and objectives

To produce committed, employable, descent and value – oriented prospective man power of the country.
To impart all necessary life skills.
To give top priority to social dimension so that each hosteler comes out of SJVG boarding should discharge his/her duties as a responsible citizen of the country.

1. furnish support services for the intellectual and personal development of all students.

2. grant opportunities for student to develop a global perspective.

3. provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the need of the community

And help to meet economic, social and environmental challenger to become active participants in shaping the community of the future.

4. work to word creating a community which provides basic education and empowerment to its members

5. Transforming lives and community through learning.

6. Positively contribute to each person’s ability to each his potential in acting for communities good.

7. creating technical manpower of global standards with capacities of accepting new challenges.  

8.be the premier source for education, workforce, training, partnerships and  economic development.

9. participated in  and promote research, scholarships and creative activates.

10. provide community with the human resources they will require for economic success and contribution to the community.

11. conduct community education programs that enlarge learning at every stage of life.

12. administer customized training program for business and industry. 13. provide leadership In the developments of collaborative reletionships with schools oraganitions and other institutions focused on the improvement of education in schools community and workplace setting  


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